Nazis on the Bidasoa

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Nazis on the Bidasoa


2016 CBA Kultur Gunea (Irun)
2015 House of Peace (Aiete, Donostia / San Sebastián)

Photographic exhibition that portrays the presence and activities of the Nazis on both sides of the Bidasoa, the daily life of the invading army, their fraternisation with the authorities of Franco’s regime or the work carried out to fortify the coast in view of a possible Allied landing. It also shows clandestine life on the Basque border, a frontier between two states, one occupied by the Nazis and the other formally neutral, Franco’s Spain, which helped to create a complex world of cross-border activity carried out by smugglers, occupying forces, information services and by Resistance groups such as the Comète Line.
The exhibition is curated by Juan Carlos Jiménez de Aberasturi and includes previously unseen pictures of the everyday and official life of the German army.

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