Baginen Bagara

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Baginen Bagara. Female artists: logics of (in)visibility.

San Telmo Museum

2021 San Telmo Museum (Donostia / San Sebastián)

Promotional videos of this exhibition that reflects on the presence of women artists in the history of art.

Women creators have always existed. However, very few have been recognized by Art History. Since the 18th century, when the discipline emerged, the reasons for this absence have been attributed to women themselves, to their biology, arguing that they lost their creative capacity when they gave birth and claiming that it was impossible for them to achieve rational perfection due to their emotional nature.
However, in recent years many works by women have become known, and it has become clear that what was considered "the problem of women" was in fact "the problem of Art History". So, what have been the logics of art history that have led to the marginalization of women?

Museums and public collections play a significant role in these logics, as they have the power to ensure the visibility of certain artists and promote art research, as well as the ability to reaffirm or question canonical discourses. Having been part of the patriarchal discourse for centuries, many museums have begun to reflect on the role they have played within the system.

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