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In Madrid. A history of fashion 1940-1970

Patrimonio Cultural. Comunidad de Madrid

2022 Sala El Águila (Madrid)

Audiovisuals and promotional videos for this exhibition that traces the different universes of fashion in Madrid, from the sewing workshops to the catwalks, passing through the cinema and the press as a reflection of a society in transformation. The exhibition travels from post-war Spain to the 1970s, analysing the evolution of fashion and its protagonists in a city where designers and models, costume designers and actresses, dressmakers and anonymous Madrileños coexist.
Exhibition organised by the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage and curated by Esperanza García Claver, Lola Feijóo Alonso, Miquel Martínez Albero and Sonia Taravilla Gómez.

Fashion heritage, trades and creators
Interviews with protagonists of fashion between the 40s and 70s: Rafael Payá (Rappel), Paola Trucchi, Pedro Moreno, Julio Cornejo, Ana María Cabrera, Gianni Ferrari, las Camiseras de Lavapiés.
Dressed for the camera
A journey through fashion in Spanish cinema from the 1940s to the 1970s.
No-do Madrid Mo-da
A journey through the reports on fashion in the No-do newsreel.

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